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    Every Ride Every Event has a story

    Hi Steve I have a story Arrrrr those were the days ! just think as you watch this clip… theses blokes, on a social jaunt for a mystical yellow jersey…what for you might ask? well one thing is for sure, their wives haven’t got a bloody clue! What is really happening here, is these crazy blokes are making a little bit of their own history, on a quiet weekend with nothing but the lure of a foreign unfamiliar cafe awaiting their boisterous arrival to sip on a brew of coffee that tastes just a little exciting as they anticipate a hill that awaits their superior fitness and cycling skills, yes a hill bigger than Ben Hur, (or so they have heard) …maybe a second cup before they re-saddle…hmmm anticipation and coffee make for great bedtime stories….. When the conquest has been slayed and the perky peloton free wheels itself down into Byron Bay, and the challenge all but done, the ocean beckons offering  a rewarding body surf  (with a few side bets) and chased down with the longest, coldest ale, and a magnificent pub lunch befitting the “tour de France” champion team that they are!… A “Yellow Jersey” presentation, a prestigious moment…followed by more long cold ales to massage out the truths just a little bit more… and of course entertain the very understanding support wagons of cheering wives … The stage has been set, the standard high…wheres the next event, the next foreign landscape to conquer?  Coming to an event near you

    [wpvideo aAJJBdjA]