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Cycling Builds the Immune and Fends off Cancer

It would seem that our passion for cycling has added benefits. it's probable that as we age cycling can improve...

Business on the Back of your bike – “A new beginning”

Group Rides and Bikepreneurs¬† A little ramble on a strong trend unfolding in 2017…I am not sure about you, but...

Inspiration right under my nose

INSPIRATION RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that inspiration can be right under our noses; this week was for me, one of those weeks where a succession individuals I may have in the past been guilty of

Kyrgyzstan Cycle Tour

Gain a real insight into the ‘Land of the Kyrgyz’ while challenging your legs over high alpine mountain passes, across endless rolling grasslands, alongside raging rivers and tranquil lakes

Kirra Criterium on the Gold Coast

A seriously good opportunity to enjoy Cycling on the Gold Coast at its very best. Chris Thompson and his Tour de Valley team have developed a fantastic..