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Cycling is a beautiful sport. We hear it all the time. We experience it when we ride and race. For the ever-increasing number of us that have caught the cycling bug, we know how happy cycling makes us.

But what is it that makes us love cycling so much? Why are we so compulsively drawn to it? Why does cycling make us happy in a way that perhaps tennis, or swimming, or footy can’t?

The science of positive psychology investigates what makes life most worth living. Cycling seems to possess an array of attributes that boost happiness in ways that few other sports can claim. While many other sports may possess a small handful of these attributes, it seems that cycling may be one of very few that has them all.

Here are my 15 reasons cycling makes us happy based on the science of positive psychology:…continue to full article  by Cycling Tips

LIV Girls GC : calloutLIV Girls Gold Coast are calling out all the other Gold Coast Girls Cycling Groups and individuals to a dual at the Condev GC100 Start Line ..hmmm this is a bit of a twist! She Rides :2She Rides..just ask Rebecca ! 

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